Battle Bay, an Entertaining and Amazing Battle Game

Almost every video game lover has played the tank battle games. People used to play these games in 2D graphics on their video game consoles. The Battle Bay is obviously not one of such games. It is an amazing 3D game that you can play on multiple devices. It seems a little bit similar to those tank games, but this time you will be riding on small battle boats. The graphics and performance of this game are simply brilliant. The overall presentation is simply astonishing and there many appealing features of this game, which you would like to reveal before you download and play it.


You will admire this game, if you love to get involved in the real-time multiplayer battles. You will control a heavily armed boat as the game starts. You will join the force of four boats and there will be four other captains, who will attack the enemy along with you. Controlling the armed boats is quite a simple task. In fact, the controls are quite simple. You can run the boat with your left thumb, the boat will move ahead if you slide the thumb up and it will move backward if you slide the thumb down. Turning the boat is also pretty simple with right-left slide of the thumb.

Your right thumb will remain quite busy because it will be used for turning your turret and also for firing on enemy locations and vessels. This game will be a great entertainment for you, even if you have never played anything like this before. The namesake bay itself helps you in preventing your boat from the enemy fire. There would be waves that will bob up and down during the battle. Thus, your vessel will be safe during the enemy fire. However, you cannot predict the nature of the waves and thus things take place quite randomly in the game.

The quest:

Your quest in the battle would be winning the battle against the other team. You can win it either by completely destroying the other side or by capturing the enemy location. The enemy location, which you must capture for win, would be visible in the big green circle on the mini map. You get the live view of the location, but most of the players love to gain the victory by destroying the enemies.

Additional features:

This game provides you a wide range of features. You can choose a protagonist with some special talents. You need to unlock the talented warriors by leveling up in the game. Of course, the in-app purchase is quite simple. You can pay the in-game currency to acquire new weapons, vessels and fighters. The graphics and sounds are simply amazing. You will feel like riding on a boat and going through a mysterious place. Many users have admitted that they never feel bored during the gameplay. This game always brings surprising elements in front of you, which shock you, entertain you, and encourage you for the win. You must download and play Battle Bay, if you want to be a part of an amazing battle.



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